Live Active

Mobile Fitness Training

Welcome to LA Interactive: Live Active!

LA Interactive is a mobile personal training company located in Calgary, AB. How would you like to lose weight, boost your metabolism, and tone your entire body faster than you ever thought possible? How would you like to accomplish this in a fun, motivating and supportive environment?

At LA Interactive, I am passionately committed to helping you adopt a healthier lifestyle through exercise so you look and feel your best.

I include a holistic approach to fitness and wellness encompassing cardiovascular, muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility and nutrition. I operate from a belief that everyone can benefit from seeing a personal trainer - multiple times per week or once a week. Life coaching can increase accountability with phone calls or skype to keep you on track to live your healthiest, greatest life.

When it comes to your health, you deserve to work with the best!

Having your own personal coach overseeing your program and progress is the key to success. Plus I will ensure your workouts are safe and fun! That's why my clients experience life-changing results.

My primary focus is to ensure you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. So when you're absolutely ready to make some changes and you realize you deserve to live your best life, it's time to call me at LA Interactive.

I provide private personalized training of individual clients or small groups in the comfort of their own home with minimal equipment required.

My goal is to get more people active and living a more energetic, fulfilling, healthier life.
Lana Asuchak